Bavarian for Foreigners


Welcome to Part I of my compilation f Bavarian for Foreigners (good for Northern Germans, and other German Bundesländer too) with editing by Anna, a true born and bred Bavarian. I’m starting you off with greetings and closings because I break out in a sweat enough with the tricky Bavarian. I offer my own phonetic pronunciation. Please note: This is not a complete list.

Grüß Gott – (Gruuss Gott) – You will hear this the most. It’s like saying “Greetings with God”. Very important in Catholic Bavaria.
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I don’t like to talk or write about politics. I’m writing this because of a small incident that disturbed me. I received an email from someone close to me asking me to change my social media profile pictures to a photo of the Obama family as a thank you for their 8 years of service as the first family in the USA. I thought this could serve as a positive way to acknowledge Former President Obama’s exit from The White House. A thank you. Continue reading “Kindness”

The Pile of Books Beside My Bed

I grew up without a book pile beside my bed. Not because I didn’t have enough books. Not because I didn’t have a bookshelf. I grew up without a book pile beside my bed because I used to read one book at a time. I used to read a book starting with the first page and continue reading in consecutive order until the last page. When finished, I would close the book and either return it to the library, or to my bookshelf in my room, filed alphabetically. Simple.  Continue reading “The Pile of Books Beside My Bed”

Stuck in the Middle

My mom, Romanian born, said once to me, “I’m not fully American and I’m not fully Romanian. I speak English with a Romanian accent and Romanian with an American accent. I’ve lived in the United States longer than in Romania. I don’t fit in anywhere.”Although I’ve lived longer in the United States than in Germany, I feel similar to Mom. Continue reading “Stuck in the Middle”