Crossing the Horizon          by Laurie Notaro

 CROSSING THE HORIZON – A NOVEL, Laurie Notaro’s first historical novel, is a delightful read. Set in the 1920s after Charles Lindbergh’s inaugural crossing of the Atlantic by airplane, three women attempt to follow in his flight pattern and fight to be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic.  

 CROSSING THE HORIZON provides three strong, female role models, unbending in their determination as they strive to achieve their dreams. The reader follows the willful adventures of Elise Mackay, the English daughter of an Earl and talented pilot in her own right; Mabel Boll, a feisty, American widow millionairess; and Ruth Elder, an Alabama girl from a humble background who entered beauty pageants to earn prize money to fund her flying lessons and secure her pilot’s license. 

Laurie Notaro whisks her readers away to an era of flappers and fashion on two continents in addition to the freedom of flying high above the clouds. Prepare to be inspired by the courage, motivation and determination of these three outstanding women.   

 Brace yourself to be entertained by Laurie Notaro’s clever and engaging accounts of the Atlantic crossing attempts of Elise, Mabel and Ruth. Ms. Notaro wows her readers with her meticulous, in-depth research, attention to details and spot-on recapturing of the time period in her vivid descriptions, use of language of the time for sparkling conversations, and animated narrative voice.   
 I highly recommend CROSSING THE HORIZON as a fun, beautifully written, historical novel with strong female role models. CROSSING THE HORIZON is motivating, inspiring, and an enchanting read.


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