As if Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December wasn’t bad enough for waistlines, one hardly has time to get adjusted to New Year’s Resolutions when Fasching, the Mardi Gras of Krapfen Eating Gluttony Contests begins. Krapfen are glorious fried puffed dough with a filling and a sugar glaze, aka donut. No, these are not official donut eating competitions, this is just my struggle with myself. How long can I hold out to not eat any of the brightly colored, over stuffed, over sugared delicious round puffs of fried dough. And yes, they have a plethora of red jelly filled donuts. My favorite. I can usually hold out until the end of the first week of February, then it’s no holds bar on Krapfen consumption. Look at the photo. How could you resist this selection? They do this on purpose. They have a paltry selection the ENTIRE year, the usual marmalade filling for donuts being apricot. Apricot?  Really?  Who likes apricot marmalade? The next widely used donut fillings in Bavaria are vanilla pudding followed by Nutella (no complaints there). But still, quite the meager selection. When February rolls around, they offer such a creative palette of donuts that I can’t help myself. To make matters worse, they start selling the donuts earlier each year. This year my local bakery started the second week of January. At this rate we’ll be eating jelly donuts instead of figgy pudding in December.   

Maybe this is the point of Fasching. To have one last hurrah before really buckling down and starting New Year’s Resolutions. Because January was just a dress rehearsal.  
My favorite jeans still don’t fit.  
Passt Schon.  
Hau rein and have a Krapfen.


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