Bavarian for Foreigners


Welcome to Part I of my compilation f Bavarian for Foreigners (good for Northern Germans, and other German Bundesländer too) with editing by Anna, a true born and bred Bavarian. I’m starting you off with greetings and closings because I break out in a sweat enough with the tricky Bavarian. I offer my own phonetic pronunciation. Please note: This is not a complete list.

Grüß Gott – (Gruuss Gott) – You will hear this the most. It’s like saying “Greetings with God”. Very important in Catholic Bavaria.
Grüß Dich – (Gruuss Deech) – Informal greeting (Dich is the accusative case for “You” informal).

Grüß Sie – (Gruuss See) – Formal greeting (Sie is the “You” formal).

Griaß Gott – (Greeass Gott) – Deep Bavarian version of Grüß Gott.

Griaß Di’ – (Greeass Dee) – Informal version of Griaß Gott (Di’ is short for Dich, the accusative “You” informal).

Griaß Eana – (Greeass Uhnah) – Formal version of Griaß Di’ (Eana is the deep Bavarian for the dative formal form of Ihnen. I know, I’m getting stomach aches about it too. This is why we’re starting slowly).
Griaß Di’ Gott – (Greeass Dee Gott) – Everything together informal with God.

Griaß Eana Gott – (Greeass Uhnah Gott) – Everything together formal with God.

Servus – (Servoos) – Also a closing – so if you are stumped with your deep Bavarian, just use “Servus” all the time.

Ciao – (Chow) – Because Munich is the Italy of the North. Munich is actually called Monaco in Italian.

Pfiat Di’ – (FearT Dee) – Yes, this looks scary. That’s why I wrote the pronunciation with fear in it. As you see above, The Di’ is the informal Dich, “You” form. My friend didn’t know why it’s pronounced with an “r” but it just is, trust her.

Pfiat Di’ Gott – (FearT Dee Gott) -Informal version with God. Meaning “God protects you.”

Pfüat Di’ – (FearT Dee)- Scary version of Pfiat Di (Scary meaning the umlaut ü).

Pfüat Di’ Gott – (FearT Dee Gott)- Scary version of Pfiat Di (Scary meaning the umlaut ü) with God.

Pfüat Eana – (FearT Uhnah)- Formal “Eana” is the deep Bavarian for the dative formal form of Ihnen.

Pfiat Eana Gott (FearT Uhnah Gott) -Same as above with God.

Pfüat Eana (FearT Uhnah)- Scary formal version of Pfiat Di.

Pfüat Eana Gott (FearT Uhnah Gott) -Scary formal version of Pfiat Di with God.

Wiederschau’n (Weederschaun) – Short for Auf Wiedersehen

Servus – (Servoos)- Thank you, Servus. You make life easier. Although people may not know if you’re coming or going.

Let’s talk about Tschüß (Chuice – like Juice with CH). Tschüß is the informal closing – like calling goodbye/bye. Most Germans like to drag this out as long as possible with as many syllables as possible. CH-OO-UU-SSSSSS!!! My Bavarian Consultant Anna, and Editor of this essay revealed to me that, “A true Bavarian does not say Tchüß. This is how we weed out the non-Bavarians.”

So so so…

And on that note…



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