I don’t like to talk or write about politics. I’m writing this because of a small incident that disturbed me. I received an email from someone close to me asking me to change my social media profile pictures to a photo of the Obama family as a thank you for their 8 years of service as the first family in the USA. I thought this could serve as a positive way to acknowledge Former President Obama’s exit from The White House. A thank you. I received an electronic message from someone I remotely knew as a teenager. She wrote that I should “grow up and get over it”.
“Get over” what? Get over saying thank you? I was raised to say thank you.
Decency. Kindness. Politeness.
What I hope to coney to my children, family and friends is kindness and respect for others. Recognizing differences of opinion but still treating individuals with kindness. I am a mirror. I reflect how I would like to be treated.
I kindly ask my fellow citizens locally and globally to get informed. Read. Ask questions. Communicate. Listen. Share ideas. Keep an open mind. Wait and see.
And always say please and thank you.


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