Who Are You?

“Who are you? Who are you? I am a walrus.”

If you got that film reference, we are kindred spirits and you don’t need to continue reading. We will just carry on telepathically from now on. 
To answer the question though is not an easy task. Try it yourself. Who are YOU?
Try to answer in a simple sentence, “I am a/an (insert noun).” To get to the core of it. We all have many of nouns that could fill that space, but perhaps few that encompass the core of your being.
My answer, after pondering this while brushing my teeth (great way to get thinking done), is:

I am a thinker.

I overthink everything. This is why I write, to sift through the thoughts. Some stay in my notebooks, some thoughts form shorter entries perfect for a blog, and the rest take up many pages.
If you were looking for something more mainstream, I’m an American living in Bavaria, Germany. I’ve lived here over 12 years, (12 years and 9 months, but who’s counting?). I’m raising a bilingual family here with my German husband. I’m an Art Historian, Gallerist, and Fitness Trainer. I play the piano, (I’m stuck on Chopin at the moment), write, and read a tons of books.

My blog explores my experiences unique to a Midwest-American woman with Romanian roots living in a small town in Bavaria.

Is that limited enough?


Seriously, it’s about building a life in a foreign country.


* For those of you not communicating telepathically with me, the reference is from Anthony Michael Hall’s character, Brian, in The Breakfast Club by John Hughes.

Photo Credit © 1985 Universal Pictures.


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